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The Kusserpool

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Unique and exclusive

With a Kusserpool you get a particularly exclusive piece of nature in your garden. Absolute freedom of design in form and features guarantee an individual and special highlight in your home, which is absolutely unique.


Exclusive design, clear advantages

  • Shimmering water colour
  • Solid granite
  • Natural materials
  • Self-supporting construction
  • Puristic details
  • Short construction period
  • Highest quality of workmanship
  • Heigh flexibility

Self-supporting components allow the pool to be constructed flush with the ground or free-standing without additional support structures. The specially developed modular design permits the most modern technique of installation without visible joints, artificial sealants or extensive veneers. All built-in and add-on parts such as stairs, overflow gutters and gutter covers can also be made of granite.

Modular prefabrication in our factory ensures high-quality workmanship and fast construction on the customer’s property.

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Classic or unusual – our pool shapes

Due to a completely new design, the pool can individually be created according to your needs and ideas. No matter whether a skimmer, an overflow or infinity pool, no matter whether as a classical rectangle or as a free form.

Pool skimmer

In case of a pool skimmer, the water level lies 5 to 20 cm below the upper edge of the pool. Skimmer components are incorporated in the pool wall by means of several recesses in the wall. The skimmer does not visually protrude, as it is incorporated directly into the solid granite.

Through a flap system the skimmer reaches a water runoff at surface level, thereby cleaning the pool from floating debris such as leaves and pollen.

A major argument in favour of the skimmer pool is its simple construction and resulting cost benefits. Another advantage of the skimmer version is the low level of water noise even while the filter pump is running.

Overflow pools

In terms of this pool concept, water continually flows over the edges of the pool and is caught up in a circulating gutter system. In this manner, floating debris is removed from the pool in the shortest possible way. The height of the water surface can be freely selected. An absolutely smooth water surface is created by the overflow concept, and the choice of a water level even with the ground results in the impression of an infinite water surface.

As the gutter can also be made from solid granite, the pool is in unity with the surroundings. A further advantage of an overflow gutter is easier swimming, as the waves generated by swimming do not bounce off the pool walls.

Infinity pools

The infinity pool is undoubtedly a visual highlight. As it is usually installed on a slope, it provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. The infinity gutter can be attached to any pool wall and thereby offers a high degree of creative freedom. It offers virtually unlimited scope for imagination.

Any questions?

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Daniel Braun
Sales Kusserpool

As a trained stonemason master, Daniel Braun can answer all your questions. Would you like to know more about the Kusserpool? Our specialist knows it down to the last detail, so we recommend you contact him directly.