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The pre-planned Kusserpool

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Kusserpool x3

  • available in three popular sizes
  • top-of-the-range features
  • exceptional value for money

Kusserpool x3

Each and every Kusserpool is something really special. With the Kusserpool x3, we can now offer our specially crafted designs to even more customers. This pool is pre-planned with a fixed width of three meters (hence the name “x3”) and comes in three lengths, minimizing the planning work required.

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You benefit from predictable costs and a straightforward order process. There’s no easier way to obtain a patented pool design with our unbeatable special touch! Look no further than our Kusserpool made from solid Tittling Fine Grain.

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Tried-and-tested features

  • water depth of 135 cm
  • natural stone stairs
  • two underwater spotlights
  • natural stone wall jets
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Custom options

  • skimmer or infinity pool
  • 6 x 3 m, 7 x 3 m or 8 x 3 m
  • bench incl. roller shutter cover available on request
  • countercurrent system available on request

Any questions?

DSF1412 pp
Daniel Braun
Sales Kusserpool

As a trained stonemason master, Daniel Braun can answer all your questions. Would you like to know more about the Kusserpool? Our specialist knows it down to the last detail, so we recommend you contact him directly.

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Ingo Meurer
Vertriebsleiter Kusserpool