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Puristic design, clear advantages.

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Puristic details

All built-in parts are incorporated directly in the solid granite and do not require extensive coverings. Built-in and add-on parts such as stairs, overflow gutters and gutter covers can also be made of granite.

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For entering the “cool blue”, one can choose between a simple ladder or any version of the different staircase designs. The stairs are produced from the same natural stone materials and therefore perfectly fits into the water landscape.

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Seating and lying areas

Nearly any design is possible, whether space saving corner steps or an entrance with seating and lying areas.

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Roller shutter cover

About 80% of heat energy is lost through evaporation at the water surface. This can be countered by use of a roller shutter cover. A closed roller shutter cover does not only ensure that the heat is retained in the water, but that the water is actively heated up by solar radiation.

The roller shutter merely floats on the water surface and is tucked away under the water level if not used. The roller shutter package is either stored under a bench or in a small cove at the end of the pool, the so-called roller shutter rucksack. These construction methods permit the integration of functional components without compromising on the visual qualities of the pool area.

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Massage jets and countercurrent system

Besides the possibility of sport activities, pool areas offer a place for relaxation and rest. Massage jets especially contribute to relaxation and regeneration. Massage jets could be incorporated into the solid granite, or could even be moulded and installed at any desired position of the pool. Thereby, Kusserpool offers unlimited possibilities as far as the installation of massage jets are concerned.

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Harmonious illumination has a great impact on the appearance of a pool. Lamps and spotlights can also be integrated into the solid granite to contribute positively to the visual appearance. It does not matter whether you decide on a pure one-coloured illumination of the pool or prefer the limitless colour possibilities of RGBW lighting.

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