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Individual planning

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From design to installation

Besides the production of pools, Kusser offers customers design, static measurement and, needless to say, delivery and installation of pools. Factory production guarantees high-quality workmanship in respect of each and every pool. On request, we can arrange a test run so that the customer can view and inspect the pool in our factory.


Individual technical design

The foundation of a successful pool project is a detailed technical design. As technical designers, we advise already in an early phase of the project, which implementation would be feasible and suitable for the plans, and provide an initial cost estimate. We include other designers involved in the technical design of the pool to ultimately achieve a harmonious overall design.

Our drawings are visualised in CAD format which displays the pool in all its details. This facilitates an accurate calculation of the costs with precise planning of all fittings and features. In this way the pool project can be executed exactly according to the desires and specifications of the customer.

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Precise factory production

The Kusserpool is prefabricated, pre-assembled and tested for leaks in the factory. This ensures a short construction time on the customer’s property, without the long setting times typical of concrete structures.

The specially developed modular design enables construction without visible mortar joints and artificial sealant. The pool consists of solid granite slabs with several square metres of surface, which are glued together in the factory over wafer-thin epoxy filler joints to form pools.

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Delivery and final installation

After quality inspection, the whole pool with pre-defined fittings is transported per flatbed truck to the customer and installed on the premises. In cases where access or installation is difficult, or where pools exceed the normal width, the pools are fabricated in modules. The size of individual parts of the pool is selected with consideration to the prevailing installation situation and viability to handle. Large granite modules are assembled on site.

Typically the pool is placed in an excavation on a stable concrete slab. The rigidity needed for the foundation plate depends on the building site, which is why the foundation of the pool must be planned in advance.

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Any questions?

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Daniel Braun
Sales Kusserpool

As a trained stonemason master, Daniel Braun can answer all your questions. Would you like to know more about the Kusserpool? Our specialist knows it down to the last detail, so we recommend you contact him directly.